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Work: goes well, though busy. RSI continues to be a pain, so the ice packs are getting plenty of use.

Baseball: the Mariners are losing to the Athletics, badly. I can't even be too happy about the Indians winning, since it meant the Red Sox had to lose. At least it's the Seattle feed rather than the Oakland feed.

Home: no comment; I don't want to jinx anything.

EDIT: the Yankees lost, so that's something to be happy about.
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When I started typing this entry, I had the Giants-Padres game on in the other room.

I'm not a Giants fan.

I'm not a Padres fan.

I don't live in San Francisco, or San Diego, or even in California.

I'm watching it just because it's baseball.

This provides an excuse for explaining how I decide which team to root for in any particular MLB game.
  1. Seattle Mariners (my old hometown team)
  2. Cleveland Indians ([ profile] hr_macgirl's old hometown team)
  3. Boston Red Sox (the local gang; remember, I moved here in 1986)
  4. Tampa Bay Devil Rays (for Lou Piniella; besides, they could use the help)
  5. team that isn't the Yankees, if the Yankees are involved
  6. whichever team has more of my favorite players who used to be on one of the top 3
  7. whichever team will help one of the top 3 in the standings by winning
  8. team with the best player names (you gotta root for anyone stuck with the name "Milton Bradley", for example)
In this case, the presence of Omar Vizquel and Jeff Fassero meant I was rooting for the Giants, who sadly lost.


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