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This is important.

Since my state rep is on both the Joint Committee on Public Health and Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security, I specifically mention them in this letter in hopes that a non-form letter will be more effective. If you live in Massachusetts, please call and write your legislators with your own experiences and concerns. (Call and write; call to get their attention, write to make your arguments.)

Dear Rep. Toomey:

As someone who serves on committees for both public health and public safety, you are in a very important position regarding the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program and the need to restore its funding (line item 4510-0810 of the Department of Public Health budget).

This program is a critical part of both public health issues (in that it helps victims of sexual assault to receive necessary health care including diagnosis of potential sexually-transmitted diseases) and public safety issues (the program has an extremely positive effect on arrests and convictions in cases of rape and sexual assault).

I realize that economic times are tough and that difficult budget decisions must be made, but cuts to this program are false economy. Cost-effective improvements in our law enforcement process that also provide compassionate assistance to crime victims are not areas we should neglect at any time.

As a longtime constituent, I have been very pleased with your legislative record over the years and have confidence that you can lead your colleagues on this issue and restore the necessary budget to this important program. As a friend of far too many victims of sexual assault, I ask you for your understanding of the human cost these cuts will have if funding is not restored.

Thank you for your attention.
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