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From [ profile] fairmer (and [ profile] pnh and [ profile] athenais and [ profile] jmhm), the "bold the ones you've met in person" meme. I'll also use [ profile] fairmer's "italics indicate proximity without a real meeting" addition; most of those are "were both in the same very large room at the same time at some con". Apologies for any mistakes I've managed to make on this list; as [ profile] pnh put it, feel free to give me a whap upside the head. Some people are posting this as a pre-Interthingy post; I'm not, since I won't be there. (This keeps my unbroken string of always attending any Worldcon I can walk to, and never attending one that I can't.)

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One of the things I like about LiveJournal is that it makes a certain amount of social network data available and visible. Yes, the whole "friends list" concept is overloaded by being a reading list and/or an access-control list depending on the user, and different people have wildly different criteria for adding someone to the list, but it's still a lot of data, and fun to play with.

One of the fun tools people have developed to use this data is the Clique Finder, which finds the largest group (or groups) of users who have all other members of the group listed as friends containing a particular user. At the moment, I am a member of 7 cliques of size 9, but there are interesting overlaps between the seven.

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(acquired from [ profile] sweetmmeblue)

Please tell me who you are (or something about you) and why you friended me.

Then, if you are curious about the folks who've friended you (possibly including me), post this on your LJ.
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Go to my userinfo page and choose someone from my friends list. Post their username in a comment and I'll tell you what I know about them, or how I came to know them. You are allowed to ask about yourself if you are curious.

An explanation of whence this meme came, and other musings, which may be more interesting than the actual meme results )


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