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Via slashdot, a study showing that RSI can show up as a more general health situation: "sick worker syndrome", even before it starts showing as RSI.

No, doesn't sound familiar at all....
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Work: goes well, though busy. RSI continues to be a pain, so the ice packs are getting plenty of use.

Baseball: the Mariners are losing to the Athletics, badly. I can't even be too happy about the Indians winning, since it meant the Red Sox had to lose. At least it's the Seattle feed rather than the Oakland feed.

Home: no comment; I don't want to jinx anything.

EDIT: the Yankees lost, so that's something to be happy about.
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I'm having a pretty bad attack of RSI at the moment, probably due to having One of Those Weeks at work (including the obligatory Saturday crisis).

Ice, naproxen sodium, and as much rest as possible are indicated. This is getting typed on the Palm's thumb keyboard, and I'll be limiting even that so as not to screw up anything else.

So, posts you really want me to see (eventually - and assuming there are any such) should be noted here in a comment.


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