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Apparently there's a conspiracy afoot to make "falsifying statistics" the most common interest on LiveJournal.

To make it absolutely simple to do so, I've included this link, which will add it to your interests.
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From [ profile] fairmer (and [ profile] pnh and [ profile] athenais and [ profile] jmhm), the "bold the ones you've met in person" meme. I'll also use [ profile] fairmer's "italics indicate proximity without a real meeting" addition; most of those are "were both in the same very large room at the same time at some con". Apologies for any mistakes I've managed to make on this list; as [ profile] pnh put it, feel free to give me a whap upside the head. Some people are posting this as a pre-Interthingy post; I'm not, since I won't be there. (This keeps my unbroken string of always attending any Worldcon I can walk to, and never attending one that I can't.)

this list will not be added to at Interthingy )
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If you're in the LiveJournal talk at the LISA conference, post about it like these folks, with bonus points for gratuitous meta-posting behavior of whatever kind.
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(acquired from [ profile] sweetmmeblue)

Please tell me who you are (or something about you) and why you friended me.

Then, if you are curious about the folks who've friended you (possibly including me), post this on your LJ.
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I've posted my Worldcon reports to my regular blog Dirac Angestun Gesept (aka [ profile] dirac_angestun), but since many of the people I met are LiveJournal users, I figured I'd make a post for LJ with appropriate LJ-user tags, and discussing some events which were semi-private but have since been mentioned on LJ. (This also acts as a pointer to my regular blog for folks who find my LJ but don't look at my bio page.)

Think of it as the annotated NESFA Press edition, or the extended edition with Peter Jackson's commentary, or whatever.

Insert disc 2 to continue )
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Go to my userinfo page and choose someone from my friends list. Post their username in a comment and I'll tell you what I know about them, or how I came to know them. You are allowed to ask about yourself if you are curious.

An explanation of whence this meme came, and other musings, which may be more interesting than the actual meme results )
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Seen on [ profile] redbird's LJ, but modified since I don't have a name for my LJ.

My journal is called _____ because _____.
My subtitle is _____ because _____.
My friends page is called _____ because _____.
My username is ____ because _____.

My blog is called Dirac Angestun Gesept because it seemed right. It's taken from Eric Frank Russell's classic SF novel Wasp, where it's the name of the Sirian Freedom Party (in Sirian, of course); it's really just James Mowry and his bag of tricks.

The subtitle "One blog against an entire planet." is of the same provenance.

My friends page is called "friends" because I am boring.

My username is ckd because they're my initials, and that's been my online identity since I got my first Unix account in 19mumblemumble, and because it wasn't taken yet.


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