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David Bowie's gone, but remember....

He wrote "Heroes", and outlived the Berlin Wall.

He was Jareth, and outlived Jim Henson.

He asked us to give ourselves one more chance, and outlived Freddie Mercury.

He sang about life on Mars, and lived to see the Spirit and Opportunity rovers roll (and roll, and roll...).

Any amount of time with him would be too short, but there's still so much of him we got that we might not have had.

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Nicely put.

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Amen, and beautifully put.

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Best thing I've seen written all day. *Hugs*
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Well said.

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This is lovely; thank you.


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Well said. He was an amazing artist, and he'll be missed.
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Thank you for this.

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Thanks for reminding me.


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where's the "like" button?

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Very nice. I also pretty much love those headphones.