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blue shark of friendliness ([personal profile] ckd) wrote2015-12-19 10:44 pm

Splendor for iOS is on sale. Crazy, crazy sale.

This is one of my current favorite boardgames, in a very nice iOS implementation, for $0.99.

If you like boardgames and have an iOS device, it's a must buy.

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Thanks for the tip. I've never even heard of Splendor, but I bought it for Richard for the new iPad I got him for Christmas.
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[personal profile] kodi 2015-12-21 02:03 am (UTC)(link)
My iOS friends thank you for the tip. Alas, Android declined to have an amazing sale.

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Which is why it's handy to have an old iThingy just for music and games (bought off a friend who upgraded).

Thanks for the tip!

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I saw that! Have been enjoying it muchly the past couple days :)