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Finally some representation in the media!

YES! Among all the other Super Bowl moments (tough break there, Seahawks fans) I have to thank Katy Perry and the NFL for finally giving Selachian-Americans representation on television.

They even got one that dances about as well as I do!

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The sharks were the best part of the whole thing! I love the dancing blue sharks.
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Fame for blue sharks of friendliness!

One of the natural consequences of helping run conventions is that I can't watch a Superbowl halftime show, Olympics opening and closing cermonies, or similar events without a running commentary in my head about all of the logistics that went into the event. Now I'm thinking about the coreographer(s) who can now add "coreographed dancing sharks for the Superbowl halftime show" to their resumé(s).
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I am totally creating a fake resume where I claim to be pal tree #5. Who'd verify it?

Also yay blue shark representation!

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Sorry, but I loathed the halftime show and hope never to hear of Katy Perry again.

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You can admit to us that that's really you. No one here will judge.
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I am Not American and therefore have not actually seen this entertainment in its full glory. But dancing blue sharks look to be excellent and a small but significant contribution to the sum total of human happiness. :-)

thought of you...

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