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blue shark of friendliness ([personal profile] ckd) wrote2014-01-01 08:54 pm

The Nights Away List, 2013

I started 2013 in Montréal and ended it in Portland (ME).

In chronological order by first visit in 2013, the places I spent at least one night (even if that night wasn't entirely in 2013 :-) that weren't Cambridge:
Montréal, QC
Boston, MA
Bloomington, MN
Ann Arbor, MI
Pontiac, MI
Madison, WI
St. Louis Park, MN
Burlington, MA
Orlando, FL
San Antonio, TX
Minneapolis, MN
Washington, DC
Las Vegas, NV
Toronto, ON
New York, NY
Portland, ME

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Well, damn.

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But all in North America, so not too insane.