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For those who have had a rough 2011 (and for those who have been luckier and had a smooth year), may 2012 bring you joy and peace and wonderful things.

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And the very same to you, too! Happy New Year:)

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The best to you & yours, Happy New Years!

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Best wishes to everyone for the coming new year!

-- Steve's 2011 wasn't anywhere nearly as rough as that of others' but still hopes for across-the-board improvement for 2012. Well, except for those hooked on the "Mayan prophesy" thing... here's hoping they're sorely disappointed in another 366 days.

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and to you as well

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Amen! and the same to you!

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Which I guess is the modern equivalent of "Amen"

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This is a lovely wish. Thank you, and I hope it for you, too. :)

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Thank you, and back at you...

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Thank you! :) And you too! :)

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Somehow I missed that you friended me 6 months ago! Oops! This has been rectified, and I friended you back. (No idea where my brain went, if you see it, please send it back to me!)